1. Friday, August 18 - Arrival, set up camp, MX track open for Jeeps to play.
  2. Saturday, August 19 - Ride 40 miles of mountain trails, open to Jeeps and 4x4's once a year.

About the trails

Fun Trails, Easy - Moderate - Hard.
No Extreme Trails. All trails have a bypass.

Vehicle trail passes are only $35, good for one vehicle to trail ride all day Saturday and ride the MX track (MX track #1) Friday and Saturday. There is a $10/person gate fee, kids 8 and under are free. Camping, parking, bathrooms, set up/clean up, showers, parking, etc, all included, no extra fees. Great trails, lots of fun!

Trails for Georgia Jeep Jam 2017

The trails at Highland Park have lots of elevation change, some pretty good hill climbs and descents, and our trails twist and wind around through the mountains like a roller coaster ride, designed for motorcycles and ATV's, so they are a real hoot in a Jeep. These are not highway wide powerline trails. Trails open at 9am and close at 5pm. You must be off the trails NLT 5pm. The trail head entrance will close at 4pm.

Trails are marked for difficulty level, and every trail has a bypass. The trails we will use are wide enough and very fun for a Jeep or other short wheelbase vehicle. Four door Jeeps with long travel suspension and 40" tires are OK and will just barely make some of the turns. Full size short bed trucks are OK on 38" tires. Long wheelbase vehicles sitting on 44 inch tires will not get through the tight turns without damage to the vehicle or trail or both, and will not be allowed on the trails. Our trails are great fun, and we have enough to keep you busy all weekend, but we do not have any extreme trails littered with car size boulders. A good driver with a moderately built Jeep can do all of our Jeep Jam trails. All trails are marked for difficulty, and every trail has a bypass.

Other Info – Please Read

1. No alcohol on the trails

2. Do NOT litter. If you pack it in, pack it out

3. Small camp fires OK, bring firewood, or you pick up dead wood on site anywhere you can find it

4. You MUST have your vehicle trail pass to enter the trails

5. Pre-register to save time in line. You can also register when you arrive on Friday and Saturday. Registration will open at 9am Friday, 8am Saturday. You can pay with cash or a credit card onsite at the main building (KTM World/Highland Park).

Recommended equipment for your vehicle

Tow strap, tree saver strap, CB radio, first aid kit, basic tool kit, recovery hooks or D-rings on your vehicle, and a fire extinguisher not required, but STRONGLY recommended. A cheapie from home Depot works great.

Requirements for your vehicle

1. Your vehicle must be in good mechanical condition

2. Operational parking brake or line lock

3. All vehicle must have operational 4WD, absolutely no 2WD vehicles allowed

4. Seat belts/restraints or harness for driver and all passengers

5. No long wheelbase monster trucks allowed on trails

6. No ATV's or SxS's on trails for the Georgia Jeep Jam weekend